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Two Dragons Garden Project TV

Nature Journalling Activity in Manyangguang

March 10 2015

Excited Kids!

Visiting a small village. The kids show their excitement before the nature journalling activity.

Leading the Kindergarten Nature Club (XTBG)

April 27 2015

Led activity with translator. Walked through nature in a line, holding hands, eyes closed, and listened to the sounds of the environment (birds, insects, etc.)

Then learned about tree, why the leaves fall, what happens to them afterwards. Collected different types and pinned them to the poster.

Followed by 20 mins of free time.

For the first acitivity I asked the children to close their eyes and to really listen for the sounds of nature. We walked through the garden and then gathered in a circle to discuss what we heard.

Eyes closed. Ears open.

Here the children are searching for all sorts of different leaves to place on the trees branches.

Placing the collected leaves on the tree.

The 'Caterpillar' game - working with 'Friends of Nature'

The 'Caterpillar' game by Katie Breneol on Vimeo.

February 2015

You can see I was all smiles as I led the blindfolded, naturally curious children through a maze of plants in what the called the 'caterpillar' game. We walked with soft feet and used our heightened hearing to listen for critters. I so hope that these children have been imprinted with the joy of nature and all of her magical gifts!

Working with 'Friends of Nature' by Katie Breneol on Vimeo.

February 2015

'The best days I have spent here at XTBG thus far have been alongside China's oldest NGO, Friends of Nature. The organisation works to raise awareness of the most pressing environmental issues in the country... This February, a group of about 15 children and their parents came to the garden from various major cities across China. They came to breathe the beautiful, fresh air, to marvel at the exotic plants, and to experience and appreciate nature with the help of the incredible adventure leaders from FON.

A Xishuangbanna Christmas

December 2015

A Xishuangbanna Christmas from Sam Herniman on Vimeo.

Two Dragons Garden Workshop at Treborth Botanic Garden

November 2014

On 23rd November the Two Dragons team led a workshop at Treborth Botanic Garden to introduce this innovative project to local businesses. Attendees included local companies working in horticulture and environmental education such as local company Anglesey Herbs. We also attracted herbalists from across Wales. Here is a time lapse video of the bust day which included a presentation by Dr Sophie Williams and Two Dragons exchange student Shanshan.

Two Dragons Garden Workshop at Treborth Botanic Garden from Sam Herniman on Vimeo.

Two Dragons Garden 3D Model

The Two Dragons Garden will be the first dedicated Chinese medicinal plants collection in Wales. This garden aims to inspire and engage people to learn about the use of plants in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Take a virtual tour around the design plans for the garden. Download a plan of the garden. Visit us in October 2015 for the opening of the garden.

Two Dragons Garden 3D model from Sam Herniman on Vimeo.

How I get to work in Xishuangbanna

Sam Herniman is the first of our Two Dragons exchange students travelling from Treborth Botanic Garden to Xishuangbanna to learn about the cultivation of endangered orchids. Here is a short video of how he gets to work on an electric powered scooter through the wonderful tropical botanic garden collections.

How I get to work in Xishuangbanna from Sam Herniman on Vimeo.

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