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1) Development of Chinese medicinal plants collection at Treborth Botanic Garden

We are developing a collection of medicinal Chinese plants to promote greater awareness about Chinese cultural uses of plants. We are carrying research into contempary uses of plants in medical practices, in both Walses and China and we will be using the Garden as a way to engage local communitites. In addition, the Chinese garden provide an excellent teaching resource forBangor Univeristy undergraduate and postgraduate studies.


2) Training programmes for graduates in horticulture and environmental education

The lack of botanical capacity remains a major threat to science and conservation globally. To address the decline in botanical training opportunities we have developed curricula to train graduating students in the skills needed for a career in horticulture and environmental education. The Chinese Union of Botanic Gardens now offers courses in Practical Horticulture, Taxonomy, and Environmental Education Research. In 2015 we will be developing training courses at Treborth Botanic Garden.



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